Shooting Centres

Since 1996 Our main objective is to improve shooting, passing and puck handling skills in a private one-on-one or two-on-one setting. Score was the first school in Toronto to adopt this private instruction solely for shooting. We now operate two indoor shooting schools, one inside Iceland Arena and one adjacent to Chesswood Arena. Both schools operate YEAR ROUND, on a REAL ice surface, the best way to maximize the improvement in the individual player is to have them training on a real ice surface.
What we do
We focus on all aspects of shooting and puck control (passing, deking, stick handling). All of our training is based upon a TECHNIQUE we have developed over the last 18 years. The TECHNIQUE will allow players to improve upon

  • balance
  • accuracy
  • being prepared for a rebound
  • keeping their head up

The TECHNIQUE has been developed over the past 18 years through working with thousands of playersv & teams representing various hockey skill levels. We have improved upon the TECHNIQUE over the years to a point that it has now become a trainable science that can be taught to any age and level. We have worked with players as young as 5 years old up to players currently playing professional hockey. IMPROVEMENT IS GUARANTEED.

The Rinks

The rinks that we use are mini rinks (40×25) that are REAL ICE. In years past, we used to hold our classes on a plastic ice surface but in 2000 we upgraded all of our rinks (Iceland & Chesswood) to REAL ICE.

Book an Appointment

To book a one-on-one shooting lesson at either Chesswood or Iceland, call 416-994-5099.
Our hours of operation are:
Iceland Arena

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Located OPEN YEAR ROUND INSIDE RINK 2, upper level, next to the score board.

  • Mon – Thurs 3pm-9pm 
  • Fri 3pm-9pm 
  • Sat 9am-4pm 
  • Sun 9am-1pm 

Chesswood Location

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Located NOT in the Chesswood Arena. Our front door faces Sheppard Ave.

  • Mon-Turs 3pm-9pm 
  • Fri 3pm-9pm 
  • Sat 9am-4pm
  • Sun 9am-2pm
  • Classes are 30 minutes in length
  • Both locations have a REAL ICE rink (40X25) and full hockey equipment is required.
  • We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to the class to dress in the change area.
  • 24 hour cancellation notice is required or class is charged